Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Music Industry Needs to Hear this

Drudge has this splash:

FLASH: APPLE FACES A REBELLION OVER ITUNES... Universal Music Group, the world's biggest music corporation, notified Apple that it will not renew its annual contract to sell music through iTunes... Developing...

I ask you, is there any industry more self-destructive right now than the music industry?

I finally have a system I like with iTunes. I've actually bought some tunes that I normally wouldn't have bought. Now, Universal wants to pull out. Maybe they want their own distribution service, I don't know. So, instead of having something that works, now these assclowns expect me to go to a different place for each recording company.

I know these guys claim that their biggest problem is file sharing. This is what I think is there biggest problem -- the music they are putting out right now is absolute shit. I noticed this when I walked through the CD aisles at a store last week. I remember when I could walk through a CD aisle and have to decide between 5 or 6 that I really wanted. Now, I can't find a single one. As for those tunes I bought, it was older stuff.

I hate today's rock -- most of these guys sound like they had their testosterone surgically removed. John Mayer? Coldplay? Give me a break. I think the last relatively new act that actually impressed me was Rammstein. Yeah, I know -- they aren't exactly new, anymore.

It almost seems as though these record companies want to make it hard for me to purchase a song that I like. I guess that's why shaking down college kids and their parents is their new profit center.

All I know is that this music customer who has probably bought over 1000 CDs in his life has this message for Universal and the rest of them -- how about making your music suck less? Cashing out!