Saturday, September 18, 2021

Modular Metal Steps and Guardrails: Commercial Sites Should Promote Worker Safety

When it pertains to pre-assembled products, you can't beat the safety and security as well as ease of erected steel steps and also railings. These frameworks are designed with a single piece of steel that is welded together by professionals to form a secure installment site for your new job! 

commercial metal stairs to the second floor

Naturally, metal stairs and also barriers aren't the only prefabricated items that maintain installation websites risk-free. Any kind of item can be made with these exact same benefits when you deal with a group of professionals who know where to source top quality materials like steel staircases! 

Even though steel staircase tasks are faster than traditional construction work, they feature a lot of benefits. That's because steel stair setup sites don't need to worry about the traditional risks of structure from scratch like weather delays or faulty products! For many local business owner, steel barriers are an essential part of their design procedure for business facilities. Actually, metal staircases as well as metal barriers include numerous benefits compared to other materials like wood or fiberglass. 

Using metal for a metal staircase railing or metal stairway installment is much more affordable and lasting. The use of steel in stairs makes them robust, resistant, and durable. They don't come to be weakened by dramatic ecological adjustments, and also unlike wood, they won't be destroyed by termites. Nevertheless, to fight rust of steel, the metal is usually treated to be both of those points. Steel stairways can handle even more weights than hardwood actions, which permits more artistic layouts. 

Steel stairways are exceptionally versatile, which indicates they can be utilized on any kind of kind of commercial establishment from restaurants to hotels! Actually, steel railings go specifically well with commercial structures because it includes an upscale check out affordable. For instance, metal stairway railings are attended be far more attractive than steel staircases because they can be customized with stylish shapes as well as styles, which eliminates the demand for extra interior design. 

Even if a person is using one side of the stairwell, or even if you are holding something in the various other hand, you must never ever jeopardize on safety. Regardless of the situation, you have an included degree of protection with steel stair barriers on both sides. This is because metal barriers are not just a lot more reputable but additionally give the essential assistance that will maintain you risk-free in any way times. 

When it comes to steel stairways and also metal stairway barrier systems, there are several alternatives of services offered in order for you to get precisely what best suits your needs.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Why You Should Play the Guitar?

Playing the Guitar

I do not intend to create a comprehensive technical lesson on the mechanics of the guitar. There are plenty of better books out there on that subject. Rather, I'm interested in sharing what I feel are a few essential things to keep in mind as you start off on the guitar.

Step One: Why Bother Playing Guitar?

This may seem obvious, but for many it is not. There are dozens of easier instruments. Are you playing the guitar to appease demanding parents? Are you trying to be cool in the park to win over your sweetheart? Or do you genuinely love the way the instrument feels in your hands as you listen intently to the lingering overtones of a newly learned minor chord? Whatever your reason, be certain it's the right one, as no amount of advice can persuade you to learn an instrument you are not interested in.

Step Two: Mechanics

Though the guitar is one of the most common instruments in popular music, it is still a very awkward one for beginners. When you want to get the latest updates in pop music, Croc Music is the way to go. It took me an entire month to realize I was not even holding the thing correctly as I painfully fretted the notes with my sore fingers. Correct arm position is crucial, and can be found in numerous pictures on the internet as well as on instructional YouTube videos. Get an experienced player to show you, as practicing incorrectly will only delay your progress and train your muscles to remember incorrect technique, a problem that will haunt you down the line.

Step Three: Practice, practice, practice, practice. Then go to sleep and wake up and practice.

This is the single most important step. But practice alone is not enough. You must practice correctly, and by that I mean exactly right, with absolutely no sloppiness or rushed passages in the first few years. There is no physical way to gain speed or accuracy if clarity and precision are sacrificed during the formative years of learning the guitar. It is an unforgiving instrument, unlike a piano, for example, and every mistake is painfully transmitted through the strings. Fret as close to the frets as possible, and play a single note over and over until it sounds like a bell. Similarly, with barre chords, ensure every single note of the chord rings true; do this by playing each one as you fret the full chord.

Step Four: Play Only What You Like

It makes no sense to learn songs you don't like. Though learning the classics is a standard and simple way for many to gain experience, it's ultimately unnecessary, as few players ever play Greensleeves after their teacher leaves. The same goes for studying music theory. While a fundamental understanding of key signatures and chord structures is useful, mastering every mode in every key, or being able to cite read sheet music, is not in the beginning. Few gigging guitarists read music, focusing on tabs instead, so just make sure you can switch from an F major to an A minor perfectly before you start crying yourself to sleep.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Music Industry Needs to Hear this

Drudge has this splash:

FLASH: APPLE FACES A REBELLION OVER ITUNES... Universal Music Group, the world's biggest music corporation, notified Apple that it will not renew its annual contract to sell music through iTunes... Developing...

I ask you, is there any industry more self-destructive right now than the music industry?

I finally have a system I like with iTunes. I've actually bought some tunes that I normally wouldn't have bought. Now, Universal wants to pull out. Maybe they want their own distribution service, I don't know. So, instead of having something that works, now these assclowns expect me to go to a different place for each recording company.

I know these guys claim that their biggest problem is file sharing. This is what I think is there biggest problem -- the music they are putting out right now is absolute shit. I noticed this when I walked through the CD aisles at a store last week. I remember when I could walk through a CD aisle and have to decide between 5 or 6 that I really wanted. Now, I can't find a single one. As for those tunes I bought, it was older stuff.

I hate today's rock -- most of these guys sound like they had their testosterone surgically removed. John Mayer? Coldplay? Give me a break. I think the last relatively new act that actually impressed me was Rammstein. Yeah, I know -- they aren't exactly new, anymore.

It almost seems as though these record companies want to make it hard for me to purchase a song that I like. I guess that's why shaking down college kids and their parents is their new profit center.

All I know is that this music customer who has probably bought over 1000 CDs in his life has this message for Universal and the rest of them -- how about making your music suck less? Cashing out!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Couple of Clarification

Since I always seem to catch some recurring themes anytime I post something like "The real reason medical costs are so high", I want to put a couple of points on record:

1. I am well aware that nobody is going to volunteer to die in order to keep medical costs down. In terms of using drugs to artificially increase the lifespan, we've let that genie out of the bottle and it is not going back in. So, why did I post that material in the first place? Because it is the real reason medical costs are so high and all of the other side issues we attack when discussing medical costs are just noise. If a society chooses the "keep the heart beating at all costs" way of doing business, so be it. This just happens to be a side effect of living that philosophy. I'm saying that our society has chosen this path and because it has, there is no call for you to bitch about medical costs because you have brought that monster upon yourselves.

2. Yes, I have seen the Star Trek TNG episode about the society that puts everybody to death when they reach a certain age. Do I favor something like that? No; I would never advocate something as inflexible as that. Obviously, the timetable for somebody to provide valuable contributions to society is not constant. As this is a core philosophical question, there aren't easy answers. Me, I just like the idea of bringing the question in the open and getting it discussed.

Of course, you folks can continue the status quo; call me a "death merchant" and a "Nazi eugenist" for even bringing it up and go back to bitching about high medical costs. Suits me just fine -- it's not like you bastards are paying my bills or anything. Cashing out!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Blackjack Fun Fact

Before I get to the fun fact, I wanted to mention that Seanbaby Saturday is pretty much done. At this point, I would pretty much be repeating his same material over and over. I like the idea of regular features and if I can come up with an idea (or if you have ideas), I'll be more than happy to look into it.

One thing about being in the military is that people love stories about basic training. I'd love to sit here and tell you that I was the model troop and never got yelled at but that would be lying to you in a most heinous fashion. One of the more amusing times was when I messed up a move during marching. In a way, I kind of got hosed because I wasn't around when they taught the move. I was doing something specific for my future job when my flight learned that step. Of course, that didn't help my case when the TI saw me screw up. After getting barked at for a couple of minutes he said "I want you to go to those bleachers and tell them what a dipshit you are". So, being the obedient lad I am, I marched directly to those bleachers and started talking to them:

"I'm sorry, Mr. Bleachers. I screwed up in marching and I promise never to do it again. I'll do my best to make you proud, Mr. Bleachers. Don't be mad at me."

Knowing that story, do I make a lot more sense to you? I'm betting that I do. Cashing out!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Supply and Demand -- what a concept

Record gas prices have put a dent in our driving habits. The growth in miles driven in the USA, a mostly steep climb for 25 years, has flattened in the past year as gas prices spiked, according to a USA TODAY analysis of Federal Highway Administration data.

As it should. That is how supply and demand works. When prices rise on any product, eventually, demand falls. Once demand falls, prices eventually fall along with it. The degree to which price effects demand is called "elasticity". The more essential a product is, the less its demand is effected by price swings. There is your economics lesson for the day. If you can understand this concept than you can probably pass most undergraduate Econ courses.

The point here is that the system works. Remember this next time you hear people screaming about "price controls" and "profit taxes". If you artificially lower the price of a product to be lower than its market value, it disappears and you will quickly run out of supply. The reverse is true if you artificially raise the price to be higher than its market value -- you will end up with a glut. So, the moral here is don't screw with the supply and demand curves.

It is good for you to know this. Truth is, a lot of people want you to be dumb on these subjects because your ignorance suits their political purposes. Kind of like my capital gains spiel from a day ago -- if you know the truth, then people like Pelosi can't get away with calling a capital gains tax cut a "tax cut for the rich".

Don't worry about the mouthbreathers around you. Just smile and feel that burst of wind through your nostrils and realize that you truly get it. Cashing out!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Strike three

NEW YORK - Washington's new baseball team shut down business and promotional operations indefinitely Wednesday as its move to the nation's capital teetered on the brink of collapse.

The decision by major league baseball followed the District of Columbia Council's decision Tuesday night to require private financing for at least half the cost of building a new stadium. The September agreement to move the Montreal Expos (news) to Washington called for a ballpark fully financed by government money.

I suppose Malkin can go do her little happy-dance, now. Honestly, I really don't have a dog in this fight. It doesn't impact my life one way or the other if DC gets a baseball team. I also realize that my views on this issue aren't exactly rational, and I generally consider myself a rational person. Yes, public funded sports stadiums aren't the greatest way to expend tax revenue. Yes, many of the economic benefits are a substitution effect. I know this. I'm an MBA -- these aren't difficult concepts for me to understand. Yet, I can't bring myself to side with the traditional "conservative" folks on this issue. Is this merely because I'm a sports fan? Partially, but not completely. I think I can best sum up my answer with the following statement:

I can't get with people who take such glee in killing football and baseball.

I'm bothered by people who look at these sports as "just another activity". In other words, equating figure skating with football. For the sake of my argument, I'm going to just talk about football. Football is so ingrained in American culture that to me, pissing on it is a form of pissing on America. I realize that the sports-stadium opponents don't see themselves as pissing on America. I'm sure they see it as stopping some form of corporate welfare. To them, Sunday afternoon isn't an American institution -- nor is Monday night. But, I truly can't imagine an America without the NFL -- I don't think I want to. I don't want to lose the memories of me as a kid trying to collect all of the little football helmets from the gumball machine, hoping the Seahawks one would finally come up. When the game wasn't on, I'd play with that Super Jock field-goal kicker dude. You know -- the one where you pound on his head to make him kick the ball. I don't think an army of chiropractors could have saved Super Jock by the time I got done with him.

This of course led to the numerous backyard games with the Nerf with catchy titles like "smear the queer". Yes, 1978 was well before the PC era. Eventually, you work your way to high school. I actually played a couple years in high school, and then realized my beanpole frame wasn't well suited to the game, except to kick the ball between the goal posts. I did have one "hero" moment -- kicked a game winning extra point in a game. Naturally, the girls knocked themselves over to go out with me, right? In my dreams, yes -- reality was a much different story.

Nothing beat a high school game -- the marching band, the cheerleaders, sitting down with a dog and Coke, etc...You had the high school games on Friday, college on Saturday, and the NFL on Sunday. As they often say here in California, "good times".

Is there a point to this other than to relate my life story? Yes, and my point is this -- this is America. No, this is not just "my America" -- this is America. A very large portion of the male population in this country grew up in this America. The character of America that you see today starts with those backyard football games, and baseball games, and pickup basketball games. What about the troops? You know, those guys in uniform that you plaster bumper stickers all over your SUVs to show support for. Where do you think those guys were made? You think they were made at figure skating practice? No, they weren't. They were made on those ballfields, those sandlots, and those courts. Pat Tillman may be the obvious example, but he was not the only one. There are many more less famous who shared the same loves as him, and like him, paid the ultimate price. As somebody who knows, take it from me -- no troop ever got up at 3AM to watch a triple toe-loop. Monday Night Football is a different story.

I'm not suggesting that opponents of taxpayer-funded stadiums are un-American. I pointed out myself many legitimate reasons for opposing them. But, don't you dare piss on football or baseball or even basketball in my presence. Certain athletes and owners are fair game, but the sports themselves are not. Don't be like that utter tool Chris Van Dyk in Washington who called his group opposing the Seahawk Stadium "Citizens for More Important Things". Oh, and when asked what those more important things were, he couldn't name a single one. Oppose a baseball or football team coming to your locale if it is against your principles, but do me one favor -- don't be so goddamn happy about killing it. Cashing out!